Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello - in the beginning

Hello, Im xafa, or XF, Welcome to this page...just another blog... yes, its just another blog...but blog of stories to share - our stories. It began on Ta**** ago. Ada kawan kawan of mine started a group - a discussion group in that social web site of sharing stories - our stories.... sama ada pengalaman kita tau pun kita dengar dari org lain, dan cerita cerita yang kita baca dulu dulu...

But, after a while, that group got terminated by the administartors kot? Tak tahu lah. Then another friend started another group - then after a few weeks (after 6 or 7 weeks) it got terminated....
Reason because those groups contained adults, this is the same juga.. adults stories juga...
if u want to contribute - up to you ok? if u just want to read je, pun up to you... so, happy reading and contributing!



  1. huuu...finally found it..lallala